Crazy travel Idea.... for your own city

So we spent a week or a month in the place we always wanted to be or were planning so hard and after and return back to place we always belong or in other words called as hometown. The airport is still same; it’s still serves alien things in vending machines and cheap sushi. The street going back to your place from airport is still same (may be the bill boards are changed), and if not by far a difference then the air is still same too. Yet it feels way different for a while comparing to times when you left. We start noticing few odd things you generally ignore when are living a routine life in your very own city. The effects lasts for an hour or two and then we are back to the same perceptions what we have been living all these years.

I know the boring city I live in is a tourist hub of someone else too. I know the quick line what most of the people from Florida crack “We don’t go to vacation we go to work” and I know how dressing like a bum is still considered as normal in Hawaii. Sometimes I wonder what it really means to be ‘Fun’ for people living in those tourist places?And then I look at my own city and try to see what’s so special about my own city? Like If I wouldn’t have been calling this one as my home and just been a visitor how I would see it as then?

We all know the tourist spots of our own cist that we generally don’t go for being too moronic, we know all those famous restaurants where outsiders crave to eat yet we never try to get reservations for on any given Friday and we know the actual cost of some delicacies sold to travelers so we hardly test it in years. Let’s just face it, we don’t like any of the things what travelers do in our city and If you can agree on this then here is something for an adventure which can cost just couple of bucks extra (depending on place to place).

Go to the terminal and try looking for public transport. The way the world is moving the public transport buses are not going to have any tourist but the people who can’t afford their own cars and yet there is a high chance that you will meet at least one person who can afford a good car or two and still taking public transport. The reason can be anything, however there this person available to talk and depending on your public skills if you can make friend with that person then you will be amazed to see what they think or what they do.

Next stop is obviously the museum or the sight you haven’t visited since ages and no matter how hard I try to convince you I know you won’t agree. So no, don’t go and see the artifacts again. Rather look for a guide. In fact be a part of some guided tour. You will be coming across such a detailed an minute information about the place and you will be fastest to grab the data for having a background of some information already. There are pretty much chances that you may discover some lie or overblown information but treat that as an entertainment. Try doing same for two or three times with different guides or different tour groups and you will be learning many things of the trade. There! You just have discovered an easy fun way to make some quick cash if you ever run low on money or your life becomes extreme routine and there is no existing route for anything in sight. Travel guide is pretty much a local monopoly business around the world though and while its sounds easy in general description here the problems vary from place to place.

This is almost a lunch time, and you can very much go back to the joint you always eat in or try something new. Most of the cities will always have their own street food locations. Now you may have eaten there many times in past but this time just act as a traveler and ask for the details or even recipes to those food truck owners or hawkers. You will be surprise over the kind words and information they will provide you which almost is never going to happen if you represent yourself as local. There is a good heart behind and arrogance of every busy food vendor. You just have to learn hitting the right cords and you might get to learn their secret ingredients or at least a special secret sauce in your plate which others don’t get.

There is a lot that can be done visiting your own city as a traveler just like there is a far more that can be done by visiting some tourist location like local. Stay tuned for more while we focus on that topic in coming post.


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