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City: Nuweiba
Description: New Soft Beach, 40-80 EP per person, breakfast included. Kamal Al-Deep: +20-10-35 47 586, Christina Lehmkühler: +20-12-63 44 756, +49-163-99 23 499, [3] (german). New Soft beach is run by Kammal and Christina from Germany. It has its own strip of beach, hammocks and small huts by the beach for relaxing in the shade. Has a painfully slow WIFI so DO use the local internet cafe. * . Soft Beach's management seemed to be in flux recently, and basic facilities were in disrepair. The cabin hotel has one bathroom of around 4 stalls each per gender for up to 50 guests, which were in a major state of decrepitude in April 2009. Likewise, the cabins had rodents, uncomfortable and short sleeping mats, and large un-mended holes in the mosquito nets.


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