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City: Moscow

Vernadsky State Geological Museum (??????????????? ????????????? ????? ??. ?. ?. ??????????? ???(), Mokhovaya ulitsa (??????? ??.), 11 (M: Okhotniy Ryad), e-mail: info@msk.sgm.ru. Tu-F 11.00-19.00 Sa-Su 12.00-19.00. It is the earth science and educational centre of Russian Academy of Sciences.The main expositions: - The World of Minerals (??? ?????????). The most unique samples of minerals are exhibited, one of the world best collections of Ural malachite, the biggest crystal of phlogopite mica from Slyudyanka (the Baikal region), a slab of native copper from Kazakhstan that weighs approximately 500 kilograms, a huge amethyst geode from Brasilia, and a gigantic sample of rock salt. - Planet Earth (??????? ?????). The exposition shows the inner structure of our planet and tells about the origin of rocks, movement of lithosphere plates, and the causes of volcanic ejections and earthquakes. The extensive paleontological collections provide insight into development of our flora and fauna. - Historical Collections, end 18- early 20th centuries ( «???????????? ????????? ????? XVIII – ?????? XX ?.?.») of the Late 18th and the Early 20th Centuries. The exposition is a golden reserve of the Museum and shows collections of minerals, rocks, fossil remains. - Cabinet of Geological Curiosities (????????????? ???????????). The exposition represents unusual geological items created by nature-architect, artist and sculptor, beauty and harmony of wonderful natural combinations of colours and forms. - Useful Fossils of Russia (????? ??????). The exposition shows mineral wealth of Russia, its amazing diversity of mineral raw materials — ferrous, nonferrous, and rare and noble metals, oil, gas, coal, mining chemical feedstock, building and ceramic raw materials, diamonds, and semiprecious stones. - Geological Sketch of Moscow Surroundings (????????????? ????? ???????????? ??????). The exposition tells about the history of geological development and opening up of natural resources of Moscow area. Tickets to the museum RUB250, tickets to Academy of Mining (????? «?????????????») RUB300, discounted RUB150.


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