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Following the motto ‘Because travelers know it better’, Pangea Guides brings to you travel information provided by travelers themselves. At Pangea Guides, we realize the value of a memorable vacation as well as joys of exploring hidden treasures around the world. We also understand chaos faced by travelers due to incomplete details and lack of genuine information as well as how seemingly small problems can ruin a perfect trip. Keeping these traveller issues in mind, we conceptualized Pangea Guides in October 2012. Over the period of time, intensive research and efforts have transformed Pangea Guides to its present shape. Bid farewell to your travel woes, improve your trip planning experience and make it faster and more reliable with Pangea Guides.

Our information packed city guides will surely give you the joy of exploring any new city like a ‘local’. From details along with map for must see attractions, we have also taken care to provide minute details like timings for museums and parks. Plan your itinerary, create your wishlist or simply mark your favorite locations, all at a single place - Pangea Guides. With our Pangea Guides account, you can access your travel information across devices and platforms. Keeping social sharing in mind, we have also developed a Facebook app for Pangea Guides. Share your travel map, compare places visited with your friends and even create your trail with the Facebook app. Check the Facebook app –


At Pangea Guides, we understand travelers’ requirements and the importance of genuine information. Pangea Guides is constantly updating its content to give travelers latest and best travel experiences. In our efforts of providing authentic local contents, Pangea Guides reuses, corrects and modifies open content from Wikivoyage.

Pangea Guides is not just about featured attractions; it provides utilities-packed travel app guides for iOS, Android and Windows devices. With city guides for numerous tourist cities in the world, you will never fall short of a destination for your next vacation. Before you set off for your next trip, load your tablet or smartphone with our city guide app as your travel companion! Explore and share with Pangea Guides!

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Images – Pangea Guide uses images under Creative Commons Attribution License


 Images sources include -

  • Flickr
  • Wikimedia Commons

Content – Pangea Guides reuses, corrects and modifies open content from -

  • Wikivoyage

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Utilities provided by Pangea Guides apps use following APIs -

  • Expedia for Hotel Bookings
  • Eventful for local events in the city
  • Myweather2.com for weather information
  • Google Maps for maps and locations
  • Geonames for Augumented Reality
  • Google.com for currency rates
  • Open Street Map for offline maps

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