Bali - An Exotic Holiday Destination

Think of Indonesia, the very best thing that comes to your mind is Bali, a land of enchantment, an exotic holiday destination not to be missed. For a country which is known for its hospitality, which often goes with a tagline 'the land of thousand miles', it's not a surprise Bali remains one of the best value choices when it comes to Indonesian adventure. Bali has been seducing visitors for centuries with its unspoilt beauty and rich cultural heritage, thereby goes by the name ‘Island of the Gods'. The Indonesian island has got all the ingredients to make your vacation extra special, and here, there's always something new to experience.

It does sound like an entry level tropical holiday for many first time visitors, but this island of mystery is full of exotic surprises, providing an ideal escape free from the hustle and bustle of the western world. Importantly, Bali has all the charms of an exotic destination – extraordinary weather all year-round, friendly people, miles long beaches, a unique culture and the lure of sand, sun and the sea. Bali undoubtedly favors a stunning tropical environment to relax and unwind. It's time you free yourself, forget all the worries and get off the grid for quite some time, and indulge in the beauty of this magnificent island destination.

Bali offers stunning natural beauty with miles of pristine sandy beaches, curved stretch of sand and surf ideal for swimmers and surfers alike, unforgettable walks along terraced rice fields, towering volcanoes, lush tropical forests, and breathtaking mountains. Massages and body scrubs are a significant part of Balinese culture for both men and women, and the wonderful spas here make sure you get the experience one of the best you have ever had. But its unique culture is still a magical element and it's the people of Bali that makes it so special. They like to have fun, and you can sense their overall joy even when they're involved in their daily mundane tasks.

It also offers some fantastic dining options from traditional Balinese fare to western fine dining restaurants, and its culinary history has been significantly influenced by outside, seafaring cultures. In here, you'll find all kind of South Indian, Chinese and Malaysian flavors along with the spices of some traditional Indonesian foods. Shoppers will not be disappointed either, as this is an island of craftsmen, where you can find all kinds of gifts or households to enrich your home. And one of the luxuries of roaming in Bali is that you can enjoy your vacation very comfortably at very low prices, amongst the lowest in the world.

A visit to this island escape is not just a romantic holiday on a beautiful beach, where couples seek a private setting or to enjoy the dazzling nightlife, in fact it's difficult to sum up the beauty of Bali in a few lines as there is a lot to see and do, regardless of your age and budget. You'll find almost everything in here, whether it's just about a location to unwind and relax, or to capture the true spirit and grace of the Balinese. Bali has something to offer a very broad market of visitors from budget travelers right through to the super-rich.

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