Top 10 Cities You Should Visit In Your Lifetime

Traveling is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world and one of our greatest treasures. Ask any traveler and you are surely to get at least a bucket list of trip for the year - not just any amazing journey, but something to see more of the world, something to create forever memories. Let's say it's your New Year resolution to travel more or to have some life changing experiences. From ancient cities and underwater worlds, to beautiful waterfalls and majestic mountains, to the stunning wildlife and world class cuisines, make the most of your vacation with this ultimate bucket list of top ten cities to visit before you die -


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Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a vibrant city long known for its historic heritage and culture, ancient architecture, a perfect blend of history and sheer beauty that has much to offer travelers from around the world. Known for its delicious food, amazing coffee, sprawling marketplaces and the city's ornate houses of worship and palaces could keep history buffs occupied for weeks. This modern city is a bridge between Europe and Asia, a magnificent place where the East meets the West.


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Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the most magnificent cities in the history of Western civilization, the essence of which still reflects on every architecture, every monumental landmark of this eternal city. The list of things to see and do is immense, and it's quite hard to find all the best places to see in Rome in just one visit, especially when you're on a tight schedule. From the world renowned Pantheon, the best preserved of ancient Rome, to the famous tourist highlights like the Colosseum, Rome has so much to see.


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London, United Kingdom

From London Eye, the major feature of London, to the infamous Tower of London, the crown jewel of largest empire on earth, London is an eclectic mix of history and modern art, where more than 300 languages are spoken within its boundaries. London is home to many cultural destinations and some of the greatest royal collections in the world. Whether it's food, art, entertainment, history, the capital city of England has it all.


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Beijing, China

Being one of the largest and oldest settlements in the world, Beijing is fast becoming a top destination choice for adventurous tourists who will find it a modern, accommodating city full of vitality. Beijing is a vibrant city with comfortable hotels, world class restaurants, shopping, sightseeing and a dazzling nightlife.


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Paris, France

As long as the 'world's most romantic city' argument rages, Paris will be in the picture. The world's greatest city has been seducing travelers for centuries, be it the centuries old art and architecture, the elegant monuments and gardens, ornate shop displays, foodie traditions or the open air cinemas. In Paris, there's always more to see.


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Shanghai, China

Shanghai is an exhilarating, bustling metropolis, which was once a playground for foreign adventurers and socialites and now served as the most dynamic city living China's dream. In fact, Shanghai is the cool façade of the modern China, obsessed with the latest fads, world class fashion and technology. The best of this frontier town lies on the street level, where everyday life fuses with miles of metropolis.


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Berlin, Germany

Take a stroll in the Grunewald forest, spend some time on the Museum Island, grab some quality bargains in Mauer Park, explore the city's Jewish history, walk the Berlin Wall - Berlin is a heart-stealing combo of glamour and grit, which is as fascinating as it can be. Berlin is full of surprises unless you know exactly where to start looking. In Berlin, traffic flows freely, public transportation is great, you can walk without fear even at night.

New York City

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New York City, USA

They say if you're bored in New York City, then you're just not trying! Whether you're here for the restaurants, or to explore the endless heights of downtown, chowing down at historic pizza parlors, take a bike ride through Central Park, the magnificent New York City has something to cater every need. There's always something new in the city, what's packed and popular this month may pass by the time you arrive. New York in undoubtedly the most chaotic and overwhelming city in America, no matter where you're standing.


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Florence, Italy

A Renaissance city in the heart of Tuscany, Florence is a city, seemingly paused in the past and is home to some of the world's best museums, galleries, cathedrals, churches, streets and squares with elegant buildings and shops. The most famous square in Florence is Piazza della Signoria, the heart of the historic center and a perfect stepping stone into this amazing city. Florence goes beyond just paintings and statues - enjoy the food, go on a shopping spree and grab some interesting bargains on the street markets.


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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has some of the most unique and inspiring architecture in the world, with millions of tourists crowding its best known streets all year around. It's a magnificent city that combines both the old and the new, and it's difficult to find places off the beaten track. Much of the city is as it was centuries ago, with narrow streets and alleys everywhere you look. This city has always had a taste for the sublime and surreal, inspiring world renowned artists whose work still endows the place.

Traveling is a privilege and one of our greatest treasures, and everyone should have a bucket list of best cities to travel.

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