Where to Go In 2014?

The New Year brings a fresh start, renewed wanderlust, new opportunities and a fresh haul of vacation days to put to some good use. If you did it right, you embraced what worked and what didn't work in 2013, and you can now cross into the New Year with fresh ideas and an open mind to take on new challenges in front of you. Taking a trip often stays at the top of New Year resolution list; after all it's always good to travel the road with an open heart and mind. Though every year brings something new in the horizon, but 2014 seems especially rich in them. There's a certain sense of freedom that comes with starting over, and when you combine this sense of freedom with the wonder of travel, your experiences can be far better than you could ever have imagined. So start planning your 2014 travels and make a bucket list of hottest destinations to go for in 2014:

Cape Town 2014 Travel

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Cape Town, South Africa

Set against the backdrop of the iconic Table Mountain Plateau, along with the golden beaches and bountiful vineyards, the Mother City is a true metropolis on the coast with a rich history and modern culture. Cape Town has a wild beauty and elegance of its own - buzzing harbor, abundant outdoor space, streets house nightlife, beaches and mountains bursting with flora and fauna that never cease to amaze. Table Mountains is the highlight of Cape Town that divides the city into distinct zones with public gardens, wilderness, forests, hiking routs and residential areas trailing down the lower slopes. While in Cape Town, you'll never fail to feel your spirits soar with wonderful breathtaking vistas at your disposal.

Riga 2014 Travel

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Riga, Latvia

Bustling Riga with its pumping nightlife, active cultural life, vibrant musical scene, cobbled streets and art-nouveau architecture, is the gem of the Baltics and one of the most fun cities in the Eastern Europe. If you're planning to hit Europe's hidden treasure, place your bet on Latvia. Riga has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to the art-nouveau buildings that is one of the largest in the world. And the infamous Dome Cathedral is known worldwide for its acoustics and giant organ. Riga's Old City and its abundance of restaurants and bars can be very much explored on foot. Riga is more than 800 years old and each century has left its marks in its very architecture, and here the cultural heritage coexists with the quick pace of modern living.

Glasgow 2014 Travel

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Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is Scotland's creative capital and a longtime sister to tourist-packed Edinburgh. Trendy stores, pounding live music scene which is one of the best in Britain, a booming cultural life, fascinating architecture, stylish restaurants and cutting-edge style bars reinforce Glasgow's claim to being Scotland's most exciting city. The city offers a blend of internationally acclaimed museums and galleries, vibrant nightlife and fantastic shopping; in fact it boasts the best shopping experience in the UK outside of London. It is home to a variety of annual festivals and attracts high-profile exhibitions year-round, celebrating everything from rock music to literature and the arts.

George Town 2014 Travel

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George Town, Malaysia

Once named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, the capital of the Malaysian state of Penang is a bustling, colorful and largely Chinese city that has earned its reputation of being one of south-east Asia's hottest destinations. For a country where 4 religions live side by side in harmony, a charming island rich in culture and history, there's no doubt the beauty and elegance of George Town never seems to fade. Chinese and Indian temples, neoclassical reminders of the Raj and some old-fashioned little shops sprinkled across the city make George Town a fascinating capital to wander. Walking down the streets of the city is like walking through the paths of history, with a long and illustrious history under its hood.

Bordeaux 2014 Travel

Image : Grand Parc - Bordeaux, France Flickr

Bordeaux, France

Like a classic wine, Bordeaux took a bit of time to come into its own. Along with Burgundy and Champagne, Bordeaux is one of the great wine regions in France, and with 57 wine appellations to choose from, the entire region intoxicates with good taste. This crescent-shaped city on the Garonne River has been the region's wine capital for decades. What was once a sleepy city, being nicknamed 'Sleeping Beauty' in French, is now a thriving tourist destination and mecca for wine enthusiasts. Unless you've been tasting wines the whole day, you'd probably be sleeping quite well.

Tasmania 2014 Travel

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Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is a place of wild and stunning landscapes, friendly, helpful people with a relaxed island lifestyle, spectacular wine and food, and a haunting history evoked by convict-era ruins. Australia's southernmost state has shrugged of the stigma of its isolation - the whole world seems to be discovering the beautiful, unique, physically dazzling and accessible island. It's all set against a dramatic natural backdrop of rugged coastline and rocky peaks with design-centric eco-lodges. This is a place where stunning wilderness and nature, captivating history and heritage, vibrant art and culture come together to create the perfect holiday destination.

Milwaukee 2014 travel

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Milwaukee, USA

A friendly Midwestern atmosphere prevails in the largest city in Wisconsin, which is not so much a city as a large collection of neighborhoods situated on the shores of Lake Michigan. Known for its lakeside and ethnic festivals and huge breweries, Milwaukee is reshaping its image. Visually, it's a stunning mix of elegant architecture, rambling Victorian warehouses, and revamped waterfront developments. Beyond the beer and bratwurst, this beautiful city has 95 miles of bike lanes, lush parks lacing the shores of Lake Michigan, and a revitalized riverfront. Milwaukee is known as the city of festivals, the biggest being the Summerfest, the world's largest music festival, held in late June and early July.

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